The number one question people have when wanting to involve their pet is, "Who is going to get them there". IHW has you covered! Transportation to and from ceremony is included in every package!  IHW has pet hammock with dog seatbelts to ensure a safe travel!


IHW is dedicated to providing quality pet care during your wedding day! That includes quality pet handlers who are vetted, trained, and experienced! It is our duty to make sure your pet has all the necessary items, stays hydrated, takes breaks when needed, and has potty breaks!

Qualified Pet Handler(s)

IHW provides a free meet and greet after booking! This helps ensure that we get to know your pups personality before your special day! This is when we learn all about your pups neat tricks, favorite treats, and make sure we are all comfortable with each other! 

Meet and Greet

What are you getting when booking with us? We take care of all the pet details so that you don't have to.

What To Expect:

All packages have full use of the IHW closet! We provide black harnesses and leashes if needed! If you do not see what you're looking for, check back in.. the closet it continuously growing! Already have your pet attire? No problem, we will help get them suited up for their shining moment! 

Ivory Hound Closet

We help get those adorable doggie closeups! We come prepared with treats and toys to help get those perfect shots with your pup! Want your dog to be a part of the ceremony? We help get them to their designated wedding party or escort them down for you; this is totally up to you and we can't wait to help! 

Photo & Ceremony assistance 

wedding investment

3 hours including transportation 

Wedding investments starting at 


Additional Pets

Additional Hours


$100 hr 

investment includes 1 dog for 3 hours starting at time of pick up. please keep in mind distance from venue to pick up location when deciding on time. 

wedding investment starting at 



Rehearsals are a great way for your pup to get to know the space, their job, and everyone to get a better look at how the day may go! This is super helpful for all pets, but especially ones that are somewhat anxious.
Up to 2 hours on site 
additional pet $50 

Wedding overnight


Want us to stay with your pet(s) overnight until the next morning? *We do not have a boarding facility so all additional pet care will be on site (home, hotel, etc.)
Extra pet $30 

After wedding care


Need us to stay extra time while you finish celebrating with your family and friends at your reception?

Additional Info 

First hour of travel round trip are on us, then $50 an hour 

If you do not see what you’re looking for, let us know! We want to help make your day perfect!


North Carolina & Beyond

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