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"Our wedding wouldn't have been complete with out our fur children there and we are so grateful for The Ivory Hound for making that happen! They made the entire process so easy and loved on our dogs just as we would. They were kind, professional, very accommodative and clear in what their intentions were to help us have our dogs in our wedding. If you are looking for an amazing team to work with and take care of your fur babies, The Ivory Hound is the perfect choice! You will not regret it and neither will your dogs."

Ivory Hound had did amazing with my doodle Dabo! I was so worried about him walking down the aisle but they had him so calm and collected. They got a long great with all of our guests and made sure Dabo got time with everyone! Dabo listened very well to them which allowed the ceremony to flow smoothly and pictures to turn out great! He especially enjoyed the treats and squeaky toy. I would recommend Ivory Hound to anyone who wants their furry friends to be a part do their special day!!

-Taylor Wall

I have nothing but positive things to say about Lindsay from Ivory Hound Weddings! She stepped up to help us out after a last minute change of plans and it was so nice to feel like our dogs were in good hands. Our pups loved her! She was prepared with treats and toys to help them focus and she took some adorable photos of them getting "ready" to take wedding photos with their humans. She also sent pictures of them back in our rental house when she dropped them off so we knew they were okay and could enjoy the rest of our night.

-Lindsay Wilson

We were so lucky to have found Lindsay and the Ivory Hound a few short months before our wedding. It was important to us that our pups were part of our wedding day but due to their older age and health conditions, we weren't sure it was the best idea. Lindsay was ready with treats, toys and all the tricks to not only keep them entertained but also help with photos. Our pups loved her! They even had a "sleepover" so we could enjoy the rest of our night knowing our pups were well cared for. If you are considering having your dogs be part of your wedding day, Ivory Hound is a must!!

-Allison M.

Lindsey was amazing!!! She was so quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns and our little meet and greet before our wedding was so nice as well! Lindsey was so flexible and helpful with our Otto especially given the heat and sun that day and a late start. She made him comfortable and took the best pics before I got to see him :) My family couldn’t believe how well she handled Otto and kept him calm and she’s the only reason we were able to have him there on our day. Thank you so much Lindsey!!!


Lindsey was incredible - she helped out with our 7 year old, high energy pup during our photos and ceremony, and brought her home to our Airbnb, fed her and tucked her in. She was trustworthy, dependent, fun and communicated with us throughout the weeks before the wedding and day of. We would 100% recommend Lindsey if you want to include your dog at your wedding and know that they will be cared for and have a great time! We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you!!

-Taryn c. 

Lindsey was an awesome attendant for Lola, our chihuahua, before, during, and after the ceremony! She sent Lola a cute toy and handkerchief beforehand that we ended up using for photos. She came to our house for a 30 minute meet and greet and walked Lola and got to know her. Lola was so well taken care of at the venue that I didn’t worry for a minute. Lindsey helped get Lola’s attention for photos as well and made sure Lola was comfortable the whole time. Highly recommend!

-Kathryn M.

I cannot recommend this company enough. BEST vendor I booked for our wedding hands down! Lindsey and her staff were so loving and attentive to our fur kids as well as extremely professional. They came prepared and ready to give our babies their undivided attention. They even helped me figure out how to properly get the flower girl’s collar to stay on when I couldn’t. And did I mention the reels and snippets of the day they captured so I could see what I missed as the bride?! Priceless!!! They even took away our worry of getting the babies home safely and our others let out and fed, sending us photos and updates of everyone. This review does not even give enough credit of how amazing this company is and how much better they made our day. Do not hesitate booking Ivory Hound for your wedding or event.

-Andrea b.

This was the best service I had for my whole wedding! I always knew I wanted my 2 dogs Oakley (German Shepard) & Piper (Basset Hound) in my wedding, but had no idea who would bring them, take care of them, and make sure they are not a headache for the bride on her wedding day. Lindsey was amazing with the dogs, Oakley sometimes does not like people, but when she came for the meet and greet he loved her. She picked up both my dogs from home and brought them to rehearsal & to the wedding, then after took them both home, feed them, played with them, and make sure they used the bathroom. My wedding day would have not been the same without Ivy Hounds being there, Thanks so much for everything you did!! WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

-Amanda m. 

When our wedding got pushed back due to Covid we got pretty upset, turns out it was probably the best thing to happen. During that yearlong delay, we found Ivory Hound. We talked about how we wanted the dogs in the wedding, but also didn’t want them to table surf during the reception. We didn’t have anyone on the guest list who we wanted to be around for the ceremony watching the dogs, but leave after pictures. Ivory Hound is the solution. Lindsay, or treat lady as our dogs refer to her, solved that problem. On wedding day she brought the dogs to our venue hours before the ceremony started to get the excitement and sniffs out of the way. She helped coordinate a “first look” for my wife & the dogs. Before the ceremony started she gave the dogs to our wedding party for them to walk down the aisle. After that, she was waiting to the side to grab the dogs and take a seat with them. We peeked over at one point and Lindsay literally had a mini fan in her hand cooling off our German Shepherd. This was honestly the funniest thing we had ever seen. After the ceremony we met up with Lindsay and the pups for pictures. Lindsay brought their favorite toys and treats and helped us get the best pictures of the dogs on our big day. After pictures were done she took them home, fed them dinner, let them play, and put them to bed. She sent pictures throughout the day and the sweetest text after she put them to bed to ease my wife’s worry about them. This was the best and favorite part of our wedding day. Cannot recommend Ivory Hound enough, they eased all of our worries about the pups on our wedding day. They made our number 1 wedding wish come true! We can’t thank them enough ❤️

-guin & patrick

BIG shout out to Ivory Hound Weddings! For peace of mind alone, this was the best money I spend on the wedding hands down; my wedding gift to myself if you will. I spoke with Lindsay shortly after she started the company. I was so excited to find a service that actually did what I hoped for. Somebody to care for, transport to and from, and help my kids sit still for pictures at my wedding. Since they are all furry & four-legged that seemed like a tall order. My mom was VERY skeptical such a thing existed, and even if they did our pack probably wouldn't be considered eligible. I have FIVE wonderful, neurotic, special needs gremlins who range in size from 10-80lbs and 4-10 years old! So usually that's just too much for people to handle and cope with. But they DO & they can handle it! Lindsay was very understanding of our needs and getting us multiple handlers to accommodate for pack size, behavioral issues, etc.; we reserved our date at the end of that first call. We spoke by phone and email a couple more times before the wedding to prepare; I was still blown away by the level of service the day of. Lindsay and her team are magic! Not only do they really love and understand their furry clients, but they also navigate through a large crowd and happenings while keeping the pups calm. They remained attentive to my pack's needs and took the stress off of us. From giving them potty breaks between getting read photos, to meeting us at the venue for wedding portraits after a good sniff and occupying them with toys during the wait while we said our vows, they handled everything. They even helped with posing, position shifting, and getting their attention and smiles for pictures. Which as their mom I know is a real feat! (Since several members of our pack are resource guarders they had to do this WITHOUT treats as I said - they are MAGIC.) After we were done taking pictures they took them back to the house, played with them, fed them dinner, and put them up for bed. They were still sound asleep when my family got back after the festivities. They moved seamlessly with our party and various activities. Taking the dogs to and from the house while we were all getting ready for potty breaks, making sure they had plenty of water, and didn't sneak into the kitchen for snacks. Since they had already met us in advance at the rental they already knew where their crates, leashes, food, medicine, poop bags, everything was! After about 10 minutes I really relaxed and so did my 'co-parents' because someone else was watching them and we could just take pictures, cuddle, and drink wine! And for those of you still wondering since I already mentioned money. It really is a great value for what you get. While it is more than an online pet sitter service per hour who comes by for 15 minutes and lets your pup out to potty, it was WAY WAY cheaper than if I'd had to board them for the week out of town and the memories we all got with them are priceless. If you are debating, just call them - you'll regret not haveing your whole family there. Especially with COVID and having to drastically reduce our guest list, getting to have them there was amazing. 🧿**Disclaimer we were all fully vaccinated or tested negative prior to these pictures and vendors were all gracious with their masks.*🧿 👰🏻 @elegantbridals 🐾 @ivoryhoundweddings 🏞 @thencarboretum 📸 @jenyusonphotography

-Erycha M



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